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I signed up on gigmasters for a DJ for my wedding. I received a call 2 min later from freegator who advised he would send wedding videos for my viewing.

He sent 2 videos and 1 pic of setup. I had not had time to respond to his text so he started small talk about his bike he had to go cover up outside because it was going to rain. He then proceeded to send me pics of topless men, noting he was in the middle with duck lips. How unprofessional can you get?

I text him back saying I am sorry but we will not be using his service. He then replied saying i will get what i pay for when money was not the issue. He quoted me $550 for 5 1/2 hours. To me that is extremely cheap but as I said money had no part in my decision for discontinuing my conversation with him.

He then told me I was discriminating against him because of his age. Again that was reason.

I am looking for a professional DJ for my wedding not a hook up. Gigmasters should think twice before accepting his membership.

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This is DJ freegator not sure what world this man lives in I sent him a picture of me posing with Children of friends of mine at a party that I did for them OMG some people just don't live in reality oh my God I just seen this and I'm still in disbelief I'm hoping that whoever wrote this realizes how wrong they are this is a tragedy that someone would misinterpreted and I never sent you any pictures that weren't appropriate not sure what you're speaking of there I told you I would send you some stuff and that I had to cover my $30,000 Harley-Davidson up because it was outside and raining LOL sorry that you misinterpreted the whole conversation I might have been in a bit of a hurry sometimes I talk too fast for people anyway my apologies if you misinterpreted what I said but you got the wrong interpretation of what was being said.


Looks like gigmasters is no good for vendors or buyers

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Well that's absolutely not true it's just like everything else in life buyer beware there's always phonies and Crooks wherever you go in life I found nothing wrong with gigMasters I've been with them for years always been satisfied. Once in a while you run into a youngster that tries to talk junk about somebody when they don't know what they're talking about the kid was simply trying to lowball me and when I wouldn't work for that cheap he thought it would be cool to leave a stupid review not in my favor oh well in my opinion he made himself look like an idiot Please Don't Judge gigmasters because of one idiot.

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Again you are underaged and spreading bad karma check what you say before you say it check yourself before you wreck yourself, do you know that song no because you're probably too young that's what's wrong with the younger generation today mouth in gear brain and neutral gigmasters is great I've been with them for years never had a problem with them except with people like you.

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