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I have a very successful pro band that has performed at hundreds of major concerts and events in Houston and other areas. Many of the musicians I work with have performed with national acts such as Prince, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Al Jarreau, etc., etc.

I have worked on and off with Gigmasters for about 5 years. Gigmasters is based in Connecticut and do not personally see the bands or the clients. They make their money requiring musicians to pay hundreds of dollars in yearly sign up fees and a commission if you get a gig. About 5 years ago, you sometimes got a gig if you were good (or very cheap).

Now, their gigs are almost non-existent. However, Gigmasters make lots of money by getting tons of musicians to join. They let anyone and anything join which has caused them to totally lose credibilty. A large percentage of their "gigs" are bogus, in other words, there is no gig.

They do not screen individuals advertising for gigs and now they even allow people to solicit musicians to work for free. This means you are paying for a service that allows people to use their site to advertising for free gigs!!!!

Gigmasters is a good example of a greedy company that exploits musicians and does not deliver a promised service. Avoid them at all costs!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gigmasters Membership.

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*** If you are looking for a rip-off company visit the thumbtack. As a Dj i lost 1000’s of $ to get booked.

Greedy company is thumbtack. Gig masters was the cheapest and the best option for me.

Because of gig masters now i have many gigs booked and actually i am making money! You probably work for thumbtack.


Who do you recommend working with?

to James Robert #1606186

Gig masters is the top!


It's great you are such a pro makes me wonder why you need to help you book gig's. is a booking service for restaurants and private party's.

Sometimes there are large outdoor gigs. You think $250 is alot for advertisement. Are you kidding try advertising anything else for under $1000.00. If you were with Gigmasters for 5 years and didn't make any money you #1 ask for too much money or #2 are not very good.

Larger bands go thru literal booking agents try getting one. Good luck.

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